Team Building 

for your business, fraternity/sorority, club, etc!

                     Team Building is NOT just a buzz word...

                    And you don't need to be a business involving espionage

                  to have your team benefit from working together at our escape

                room! A team-building activity doesn't have to have anything

              to do with the business you're in, or the type of group you are. 

            According to MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, "the key to high 

          performance lay not in the content of a team’s discussions but in

        the manner in which it was communicating." In fact, "the best predictors       of productivity were a team’s energy and engagement outside formal              meetings. Together those two factors explained one-third of the variations      in dollar productivity among groups."* 

       Escape Rooms are a great way to build cooperation & trust, camaraderie & friendship, and teamwork skills!

Sherlock's Puzzling Place can work with your group of any size...up to 20 people in our three rooms, at one time. Then we provide a place for you to "debrief" and talk about what went right, and what your team members could have done to improve their strategies for cooperation and communication. It's MUCH more fun than sitting in a "bored" room! :)

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Escape Room

*Harvard Business Review, Apr 2012, Alex "Sandy" Pentland: "The New Science of Building Great Teams"

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